2Dof Racing Car

2Dof of electric motion platform. Multi-option 5 games with more than 600 tracks are available under VR glasses. 5 games with more than 1000 tracks are available under TV set.

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DRIVING SIMULATOR, High-end artwork racing platform, used VR technology, bring you real experience, like you are a real racer, can drive various types of racing on hundreds of professional tracks, it is so amazing! 

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The software samples the games with a variety of information (eg:angle、speed 、accelerated speed、crash、leap、and impact of shifting ) ,then it converts into construction with intelligent precision algorithm, which sends to the Intelligent servo motor drive with the 400HZ Frequency by software .so it can drive 2~4 High-performance servo electric cylinder to restore the motion of car in the SDRS.

We use rational design of human body engineering creating the real car sitting position and operations of feeling .In older to create a real driving operation experience,we design the reasonable position of  the steering wheel, gear lever, pedal and seat in the SDRS.

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LFS/DIRT2/DIRT3/GRID2/GRID3/F1 2012/F1 2013 /F1 2014 /F1 2015 /Assetto Corsa/Project CARS/GSC/rFactor


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