VR Driving Simulator

With this VR driving simulator, the driver manipulates the operating components so that the sensor directly connected to the operating component changes, causing a change in the electrical signal. The signal acquisition and processing subsystem periodically collects electrical signals on the sensor according to a certain precision, and performs filtering and the like.
And The processed signal is used as the input of the vehicle dynamics model subsystem. Through the vehicle dynamics model simulation calculation, the current state of the vehicle, such as engine speed, engine output torque, vehicle speed, current position of the vehicle, and the like are calculated. The results calculated by the vehicle dynamics model are sent to the display system for graphical display, sent to the sound system for sound simulation, and sent to the instrument system for instrument display.
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1) VR driving simulator can completely simulate the various high-demand driving conditions such as vehicle acceleration, deceleration, high speed and steering, especially the extreme working conditions of the vehicle;
2) It can provide various visual effects such as visual effects and sound effects required by the driving research institute;
3) VR driving simulator is possible to observe and record changes in performance parameters of the vehicle while it is driving;
4) It is possible to record the driver's operating behavior.
1. Immersive experience: VR technology combined with 3D real-world modeling and dynamic sound, real and exciting, let the students live and immerse themselves.
2. Perfect interactivity: Multi-sensors track the behavior of students in real time, and the eye movements can trigger menu operations.
3. Conceptual learning car: Integrate the learning process into the VR environment, let the students envision the learning of the car and quickly master the driving skills.
1. Research and development of automotive systems, especially in the research and development of human-automobile systems, and also for tests under special environmental conditions such as dangerous conditions and traffic jams, depending on the application.
2. Research and development of motor sports, that is, research and development of related motor sports such as vehicle operation stability and safety reliability, and also for tests under special environmental conditions.
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